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Having guests come to your house is a fairly common occurrence during this time of year, with all of the festivities happening. However, if your guests drop by unexpectedly and you had no chance to deep clean your home for them, here's a simple guide on how you can make your place look great with little time and effort.

How to Clean Your Home Fast

  1. First, pick up the misplaced items that you may have laying around (toys, shoes, clothing, dishes, etc.) and put them back in their rightful place.
  2. Next up, with a clean cloth, wipe off the most visible dust in your home, as it can be a telling sign that you haven't been cleaning your place diligently.
  3. You should also quickly rearrange a few details here and there (the disheveled pillows, the wrinkled rug, and more), so you can make your place as good looking as possible for your guests.
  4. Of course, you don't want your guests to think your house is stinky, which is why you need to deodorize it. Use air fresheners, scented candles, and more, to make your place smell great.
  5. Many social gatherings have to do with food. If you will have people eating in your place, clean the kitchen. You can put away some dishes and wipe down the counter.
  6. It's likely your guests will need to go into the restroom at some point. That's why, you need to clean the bathroom. Wipe it down and restock its essentials, so your guests can feel comfortable in there.
  7. More often than not, guests won't need to go into your bedroom and other similar areas. To make your cleaning efforts more efficient, restrict the access to those places.
  8. Finally, vacuum your floors quickly to get rid of some of the dirt and dust that may be on your carpeted floors.

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