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Fires are one of those things that even though we know they could happen to us, we think they never will. Still, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be prepared for them! Having a plan of action is a great way to provide certain assurance that you’ll behave correctly in case of an emergency. 

Which is why Zott Construction DKI in Stormville has this post for you! Here, we’ll tell you all about what you should do to take care of a fire in its first stages so you can put it out before it grows into a disaster!

How to Suppress a Fire

Assess the Situation!

Before you start, make sure that this fire is something that you can handle. If you’re feeling unsure about it or if it’s getting too big, it’s better to just get yourself and your family out of your home and call an emergency response team to do the job.

Take Preventive Measures

Again, make sure that this is something you can take care of. Shut down the gas and electric lines so there’s no possibility of the fire getting to them. If the fire is gas related or you smell a gas leak, you should get off your property as soon as possible and call the firefighters.


Now comes the good part: how to put out the fire! There are several ways to do it, depending on the origin of the fire. Here are the most common solutions:

  • Blanket: a thick cloth or blanket will suffocate and cut the fire’s oxygen supply. Throw it on top to cover the fire entirely and wait until it’s extinguished. 
  • Water: another way to stop fires is by using water (around 2 liters depending on the size of the fire) but be careful! Don’t resort to water if the electric power is still on or if there’s oil or gasoline burning. 
  • Fire Extinguisher: a fire extinguisher is your best bet in every scenario! Just remember to read the instructions and take into account the use restrictions (if there’s any). 

Get Ventilated

Smoke can be very damaging to your health, so as soon as you take care of the fire, open up windows, doors, and turn on fans so the air can move through the room. This will also get most of that horrid burnt smell out. 

Calmly Evaluate the Damage

The real danger is gone! Now comes dealing with the aftermath. Remember to wait to move stuff around since the burnt items may still be hot. Look to determine how the fire started, what got ruined (if anything), and what can be done to prevent this situation from occurring again.

In Case You Need Help…

If the fire has gotten out of control, or you don’t feel prepared to handle it, call Zott Construction DKI! We have expertise in emergency response and in property restoration in Stormville! Dial (845) 227-4141 so we can help you deal with this stressful circumstance!