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Hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, and other delicious meals have gone through your grill, so it's no wonder that it gets super dirty after a few uses. This is why you need to deep clean your grill properly if you want to take it out to have a few summer cookouts this barbecue season. If you need some guidance with this, follow the steps below. Be sure to go through this procedure about two times a year to keep your grill safe and cooking perfectly.

How to Clean Your Barbecue Grill

Keep It in Mint Condition

For starters, be sure to always care for your grill. For instance, wipe it down after every use, keep an eye out for gas leaks, and keep it covered and protected when you don't use it.

Prepare to Clean the Grill

If you want to avoid any fiery accidents from happening as you clean, you'll need to close the gas valve for your grill. You can also get ready to clean the grill by putting on gloves and old clothing.

Clean the Grates

For this task, you'll need a grill brush with a metal scraper to clean and scrub the grates intently. If possible, remove the grates from the grill so you can go through them on both sides.

Wash the Protectors

It's likely that your grill has burner protectors, ceramic briquettes or other parts under the grates. For those components, you'll have to mix water and soap, and use a sponge to wash the gunk off them.

Work on the Burners

If you can detach the burners from your grill, do it so you can work on them easily. Again, use water, soap, and a sponge to get them clean. Make sure that the gas ports aren't blocked by filth.

Make the Trays Spotless

The next step is to clean the trays that recollect all of the grease and other residue as you cook. Use the brush to scrub hard and remove most of the carbon flakes and other junk. Likewise, wash the trays with water and soap to make them as clean as possible.

Restore Your Grill

Once you're done cleaning your grill's components, put them all back in their places. After that, you can give your whole grill a final cleanse with a wet cloth to make it ready for your next summer cookout!

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