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Your house is probably the most precious asset you own; you’ve worked so hard to provide a roof for your family, and a place you can call of your own. Unfortunately, natural disasters can destroy in a few minutes, what has taken you years to achieve.

Prevention is the first step to protect your property. Heavy rains and tropical storms are the most common flood causes in The United States.

That’s why the Zott Construction DKI in Stormville, has created a small guide to protect your home from flooding. And you know what they say “Better safe than sorry”

Easy and Quick Precautions 

First of all if you have a basement don’t store valuable goods in it. Yes, this may look obvious but trust us sometimes it isn’t! Also make sure your storm sewer is free from leaves, garbage or anything that could clog it!

Keeping the Water Out

The first step to make your home flood proof, is sealing cracks in your basement and foundations. After that sandbags are a great option for keeping your property safe, yet notice that if the flood comes through the ground you will need a pump; which is the most efficient method. Make sure to contact your authorities before you install one. 

Another way to prevent your home from flooding, are flood proof doors, windows or flood boards. These will keep your house dry and safe.

Buy An Insurance

Most of the times the insurance policy doesn’t cover flood damage, yet a few extra dollars could save you a lot of trouble in the future! Be sure to get one!

As you can see, a few actions can prevent a major damage in your house. Yet the forces of nature are stronger than we think, and they can be destructive no matter what we do.

If you are looking for water restoration in Stormville the Zott Construction DKIteam is highly qualified to act during those difficult times. We are specialists in restoration services, and we are always ready to assist you during those difficult times. For more information about us, please call 845-227-4141