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As the seasons change, new home maintenance projects are bound to come up. If you’re up to date with your spring home maintenance projects, it’s time to make the transition into summer with a new list of projects to keep your home safe and ready for the hot summer months. Here at Zott Construction DKI we want to make sure your home is ready for the heat. Here are a few projects to keep in mind that will help you stay cool and stress free all summer.

Beat the heat

If you plan on using an air conditioning system to stay cool over the summer, make sure it’s ready to be used before the heat rolls in. Check the filters and get rid of any that look worn or overused. This simple fix will have your air conditioner working more efficiently and can save you money on your energy bill. If your air conditioning system hasn’t gotten a tune up recently, make sure to schedule a professional tune up to ensure it will run well throughout the summer. 

If you opt to use fans to keep cool, it is important that you maintain these as well. Dust the blades of your fans and make sure they’re positioned to get the best air circulation. Grab a ladder and check that the blades on your ceiling fans are secure and tighten any that feel loose.

Stop the leaks

Water leaks big and small can have a huge impact on your water consumption. Check the most common areas for leaks, such as hoses and faucets. Small drips in hoses are easy to repair using electrical tape or special tape made to stop hose leaks. Leaks don’t have to involve water. Make sure you check your windows for any air leaks that may be letting the cool air out and bringing the warm humid air into your home. Small window leaks can easily be sealed by caulking or weatherstripping them.

Go for a dip

If you have a pool at home, you know just how refreshing a quick dip can be on a hot summer day. Be sure your pool is maintained and ready to be used before the extreme summer heat arrives. Since your pool probably hasn’t been used in a couple months, it is extremely important that you inspect and clean it. Vacuum the walls of your pool and replace any filters that look like they’re ready to go. Make sure the pumps are working properly and balance your chemicals. You can use an easy at home kit to check chemical levels and fix any that might be off.

Small home maintenance projects go a long way in ensuring your home is up to date and safe for your family. Most are easy to do, but if you find you need professional help, especially with construction services, water restoration or damage restoration, don’t hesitate to contact Zott Construction DKI of Stormville at 845 227 4141.