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Snow is a white cover that fills the cold seasons with its beautifulness. Unfortunately, it can also be a pain! As you know, snow has been our daily bread here in Stormville, NY (and in most of the USA), and this can be potentially harmful to ourselves and our homes! 

So, if you’re looking for ways to prepare your home for the rest of the snow season, the Zott Construction team in Stormville, will provide some tips so you can stare in awe of the beautiful snow without worrying!

Tips to Avoid Snow Disasters at Home!

Pay Attention of Windows and Doors!

Any hole from which snow/cold wind may come inside should be closed. Check for cracks, holes, fix your shutters, use heavy drapes, and insulate windows and doors!

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate!

Speaking of which, your roof, gutters and walls should also be insulated! Again, all of this to keep the heat in and the cold snow out!

Seal and Waterproof!

Snow melts and in it comes in the form of water! Waterproof your roofs to avoid water damage in your home.

Check it Out

If need be, you may even need professional assistance to tell you what needs to be done in your home to help it against the snow.

Trim Them!

Heavy snow can cause tree branches to fall! Make sure to trim them so they won’t wreck anything!

Gut It Out!

Your gutters are filled with gunk that, in combination with snow, may cause some severe damage. Clean them out and prevent that from happening to you.

Heat the Pipes

A burst pipe due to the cold weather can be annoying and disastrous! Make sure to keep them heated any way you can.


Lastly, strong winds and snow can often be unpredictable. Be sure to be prepared with non-perishable food, flashlight, warm clothing, a way to communicate, a heating device, radio,  etc.

Snow can be a gorgeous addition to the landscape just as long as you’re prepared for it! Don’t let it wreck your home this season by following these tips!

Remember that if you have any water damage or other kind of disaster due to snow, the Zott Construction team can help you out! Be sure to call our emergency number (845.227.4141) if you’re searching for restoration in Stormville!