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At Zott Construction, DKI in Stormville, New York, we know that a sudden disaster such as a broken water pipe, an electrical short, or a gas leak can cause damage to your home if not taken care of immediately. Below is some important information on how to stop the flow of water, electricity and gas in your home to avoid damage and dangerous situations.


There are valves connected to all the fixtures in your home, but if the problem is coming from a hard to reach pipe in the wall or under the house, you will have to turn off the flow of water to the house. Normally, this valve is located near the water heater marked with a red handle. If the leak is outside your home underground or in your sprinkler system, you will need to turn off the water to your entire property. Usually, your main shut-off valve is located out by the street in a concrete box below underground. Turn the valve handle as far to the right as it will go, this should stop the flow of water completely until you can make repairs.


Find out where your circuit breaker / fuse box is located. This could be in a closet, in the garage, or in the attic. If a fuse has been blown, make sure you have the correct size fuse to replace the dead one and always shut off the main breaker switch before replacing fuses. Before turning off the main electrical switch, unplug all appliances, computers, TV’s, etc. to protect them from a power surge. The main breaker is a big double switch and will be located above the row of single circuit switches. Push the switch firmly to the off position, count to five, then push it back on. Your electricity should come back online.


Homes with natural gas have a main shutoff valve located near the gas meter which should be located on the outside of your home. This valve normally has a rectangular shaped handle. In the on position, it will be parallel to the incoming gas line. To turn off the flow of gas, move the handle until it is perpendicular to the gas line.

Water damage in Stormville

Don't wait until you have an emergency to try and find all of your shutoff valves. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the valves now to avoid a disaster later. If you have any more questions or you need emergency assistance now, call Zott Construction, DKI at (845) 227-4141.